Gift Tin Baskets

Gift tins are an alternative to wicker baskets for creating charming and delightful gift baskets. Our gift tins are available in wholesale quantities. The gift tins can be used for a wide variety of gift basket ideas including:

  • Heavier gift items
  • Wine, beer or spirits gift sets
  • Sporting goods, fishing or barbeque gifts
  • Housing live plants
  • An alternative to any wicker basket idea

Gift tins are provided in a variety of shapes and sizes. They pair nicely with the gift basket kits that include shredded paper, bows and protective wrapping, which are available in a variety of color and size options, for small to extra large gift tin baskets.

These gift tins are perfect for Father's day, or as a birthday gift for Grandpa, as they exude a more masculine look than the wicker alternative. Gift tins are also fantastic for office gifts. Bottles of wine, beer or spirits can be placed in these durable gift baskets for any holiday or occasion.

Our gift tins are offered at wholesale prices. They come in multiple color varieties from silver, black, brown and gold and every size for any idea imaginable. Gift shops can purchase our gift tins at a wholesale price, to offer their clients all of the option and variety that they require, for any vision that they have of the perfect gift basket for their loved ones. This is the ideal way to expand clients and offer more options to your customers.