Create Arrangements with Floral Baskets

Floral baskets are perfect for flower arrangements. Some of our baskets include liners to keep the plants healthy and to keep water in the floral basket, and off the gift recipient! Floral arrangements can be made for home décor, gifts and fun.

Here's how to make an arrangement with a floral basket:

  1. Make sure that there is liner in the floral basket
  2. Cut floral foam with a serrated or florist knife
  3. Fit the foam into the bottom of the floral basket with one or two inches above the rim
  4. Soak the foam in preserves for real flower arrangements
  5. Cut stems and wires
  6. Secure flowers to wires with stem tape
  7. Decide on a style such as horizontal, vertical, oval or freestanding
  8. Arrange the flowers with bigger blooms in the center and smaller flowers toward the front of the floral basket
  9. Fill gaps with smaller flowers
  10. Add any extras such as bows and protective wrapping

Alternately, floral baskets can be used to house one plant, or even artificial plants. Floral baskets will make a fantastic presentation, whether the basket is made professionally with our large rectangle shape or by the kids with a small rattan pot cover used for a single plant.

Additional Floral Basket Ideas!

Artificial floral arrangements offer the beginner a great alternative to trying their hand with real flowers.

Shallow floral baskets are perfect for flowers girls at a wedding, while any basket can be used to create a themed centerpiece at any holiday or for any occasion.

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