Gift Basket Kits

The perfect way to sell more product in your store or add a bit of class to your gift!! Each of our complete gift basket kits shown on Rows 1 & 2 comes with a gift basket, a protective gift bag, shredded paper filler, and a perfect pull-bow. Simply click on the option you want. You will be prompted to select the color options when ordering.

If you want to build your own kit using other baskets, choose your basket from the many we have available, then return and select the appropriate kit size shown on Row 3 & 4 below. You will be prompted to select the color options when ordering.

Kits for the Perfect Gourmet Gift Basket

Here you will find kits to make your own gourmet gift baskets. This is perfect for shop owners who want to offer these kits to their customers, or for the creative individual that needs a complete set of supplies to wrap the gift basket of their own creation.

The top row of gift baskets contains all you will need to create a gourmet gift basket including:

  • A high quality gift basket
  • Shredded paper filler
  • Protective gift bag
  • Bow

Best of all, when you are ordering your gourmet gift basket kit, the selection is completely customizable. Choose the color of basket, shredded paper and bow to coordinate with your vision of the perfect gift basket.

We also offer just the bow with shredded paper and a protective gift bag, for customers who would like to select their own basket from our shop, and then purchase their customized wrap and decoration separately. These kits come in a full range of sizes from small to extra large to guarantee that every gourmet gift basket idea can be made into a reality.

Our kits are perfect for gift basket and floral arrangement shops, that require a kit to provide a full gift basket creation and wrapping service, and for creative individuals who want to build their own gourmet gift basket for their loved ones. Regardless of the gift basket idea, America Basket can guarantee a beautiful and quality presentation, with our complete gift basket kits.