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  There are many types of wholesale baskets available on our website. Some of these options include:
  • Gift baskets

  • These are perfect for the creative type, as our wicker baskets come in varying sizes and styles. They are ideal for wedding party gifts, corporate gifts, or when it's time to provide a token of appreciation for someone who deserves something special.

  • Gift tins

  • Gift tins are an alternative to wicker baskets for creating charming and delightful gift baskets.

  • Food Safe Baskets

  • Although these gift baskets are made out of a durable, food-safe plastic, they have the look and charm of wicker baskets.

  • Storage/Decor Baskets

  • Storage baskets are a popular item that can be used for home décor and the storage and organization of everyday items. The wicker baskets that are used for storage also make excellent gift items and are available in a range of styles.

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